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Official Theory Test - Information

The official DSA theory test consists of two parts. The question part followed by the hazard perception part (hpt). The question section of the test consists of 50 questions and the pass mark is 43 out 50.

The questions are mutiple choice and for some questions there is more than one correct answer and you must identify them all to score for that question.

You do not need to use the mouse for the mutiple choice part of the test, as a touch sensitive screen is used.

Hazard Perception

If you are unsure of an answer you can "flag" it and come back to it later. You have to pass both the question and hazard perception parts at the same time to pass. If not you will have to take both parts of the theory test again. it is unlikely that you will pass without having done a practice theory test. There are also numerous helpful resources available. One of the best is Driving test Success which has all the official driving theory questions as well as hazard perception practice clips.

If you have a disability which may cause problems with acccess to the test centre or difficulty with the test or do not speak English contact the DSA for advice.






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The DVSA policy is now that the they will no longer publish all the questions used in the actual theory test. Instead they provide an official theory test revision question bank that includes questions similar to but not identical to the actual quaestions on the test.

The reason behind this is to ensure that people don't just learn the answers parrot fashion but are able to think through the theory test questions and come to the best answer.

Because the actual theory test questions are not published it does make it more difficult to keep track of which questions are being used and which are now out of date. It is important though if you are using free mock theory test questions that you are using the official questions.

It is DVSA rather than DVLA theory test questions that you need. DVLA are responsible for licencing but not testing.


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