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Pass your theory test first time

Well as long as you prepare thoroughly you can. You won't pass with just a bit of general knowledge (whatever your pals may say) - but with good preparation and using the right learning resources you should have no problems with the theory test. On the theory test you get 50 multiple choice questions and you have just under an hour to complete the test. You need to score 43 or more correct answers to pass.

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Full Official Mock Theory Test Question Bank for Just £4.98!

The Official DVSA Theory Test contains 50 questions and the pass mark is 43 out of 50. Our mock theory test also contains 50 official questions. By repeatedly practicing free mock theory tests, you will learn valuable information to help you prepare for your driving theory test and will also get a good idea of how close you are to the standard required for the DVSA Official Theory Test. Information you learn for the theory test will also help you with your practical driving lessons. For information about special needs or other languages see here.

Free Mock Theory Test Practice



Valid for 2021

All questions are from the most up to date DVSA question bank


Currently unavailable - check out free theory test resources below

Currently unavailable - check out free theory test resources below

Learning mode
Number of modules

None 14 modules, containing every theory test question
Test Mode
Number of theory tests
1 x 50 question theory test using official DVSA theory test questions Unlimited tests from full 950 question official DVSA car theory test question bank
Score out of 50 indicated ? Yes Yes
Answers to incorrect questions? No Yes
Road sign test Yes Yes
Sample DVSA case study Yes Yes
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Period of Access 30 days 6 months
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Some free theory test providers, only offer a lite cut down version of the driving theory test questions and answers free download. It's important that you get a full version so that when you come to take your actual test you are fully prepared. There's nothing worse than finding questions on topics that you have never seen before. Our recommended driving theory test app is Driving test Success by Focus Multimedia. To assess your readiness for the test make sure you take a free mock theory test with 50 questions. The pass mark is 43 out of 50.



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The DVSA policy is now that the they will no longer publish all the questions used in the actual theory test. Instead they provide an official theory test revision question bank that includes questions similar to but not identical to the actual quaestions on the test.

The reason behind this is to ensure that people don't just learn the answers parrot fashion but are able to think through the theory test questions and come to the best answer.

2021 - many theory test centres are changing location as from September 2021. Check if yours is moving at gov uk find my nearest.

It is DVSA rather than DVLA theory test questions that you need. DVLA are responsible for licencing but not testing.


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